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Topdog /
Underdog (2002)

Production still from Topdog / Underdog2002

Suzan-Lori Parks (Playwright)

7 April – 11 August, 2002

           The play chronicles the adult lives of two African-American brothers as they cope with poverty, racism, work, women, and their troubled upbringings. Lincoln lives with Booth, his younger brother, after being thrown out by his wife. Booth reminds Lincoln that his presence was meant to be a temporary arrangement. But Lincoln, who works at an arcade as a whiteface Abraham Lincoln impersonator, is their sole source of income. At the end of the play, Booth lives up to his name when, after Lincoln wins his inheritance in a round of three-card monte, Booth shoots Lincoln from behind and kills him. The final scene ends with Booth cradling his brother’s body and screaming. (Source: Wikipedia)

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