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Run, Little Chillun

Poster from original Los Angeles production of
Run, Little Chillun, 1935

Hall Johnson (Playwright)

1 March – 17 June, 1933

“Religious and pagan forces conflict in a black Southern town.”—Playbill

“Set in the imaginary town of “Toomer’s Bottom” in the rural South in 1929, Run, Little Chillun dramatized the plight of Jim, a minister’s son battling an existential conflict between two competing religious groups—his church, Hope Baptist, where he was groomed to be a pastor, and the nature-worshipping New Day Pilgrim cult. Jim is also torn between two lovers: his pious wife, Ella, and the town’s wayward vixen, Sulamai.” (Source: Performing Negro Folk Culture, Performing America: Hall Johnson’s Choral and Dramatic Works (1925–1939), A dissertation presented by Micah Wittmer)

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