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Radio Golf (2007)

Production still from Radio Golf, 2007

August Wilson (Playwright)

8 May – 1 July, 2007 

          The tenth and final play in August Wilson’s Pittsburgh Cycle, Radio Golf follows a black man named Harmond Wilks on his quest to revive his childhood neighborhood and become the first black mayor of Pittsburgh. Wilks, his wife Mame, and his best friend Roosevelt, have planned a redevelopment project that will bring a new high-rise apartment building and chain-stores to the old and devastated Hill District. Initially, Wilks envisions this as a great plan to restore his childhood home, but as the play progresses and he meets characters from the past (Sterling Johnson and Elder Joseph Barlow), his eyes are opened to the possibility that what he thought would be a gift to the future might actually be hurting the district’s history. Harmond begins to fundamentally question his intentions, while Mame and Roosevelt try to keep him on the path he started, with little consideration for the ghosts of the past. (Source: StageAgent) 
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