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Meek Mose

Frank WIilson (Playwright)

6 February, 1928

A play centered on a Black preacher who believes the Old Testament principle that the “meek shall inherit the earth.” Set in Texas, the play follows a group of “poor Negroes” who are forced to abandon their home for a harsh, inhabitable marsh because local white businessmen wish to erect a cotton gin on the Black community’s land. After much suffering and perseverance, Brother Mose, the pastor of the displaced community and his followers discover that the marsh is incredibly rich with oil deposits. This affirms their faith in the biblical sentiment.  It was later produced by the Federal Theatre under the title Brother Mose in 1934. It was described as, “A Negro play, showing the efficacy of prayer and optimism.” (Source: “The Great White Way: Critics and the First Black Playwrights on Broadway” by Doris E. Abramson; Theorizing Black Theatre: Art Versus Protest in Critical Writings, 1898–1965 by Henry D. Miller)

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