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           Black Work Broadway is an evolving and comprehensive record of all the plays, musicals, musical revues, and other performances presented in Broadway houses, that were either written or created by Black artists. Modeled after the Internet Broadway Database (IBDB), the record ranges from the late 19th century to the present day, listing opening and closing dates, lead creative artists, a production photograph (when available), and a short synopsis or description for each entry. Black Work Broadway seeks to create lasting and living documentation of Black artists’ work on Broadway for the benefit of new generations of artists, audiences, and scholars. If you would like to propose an addition or revision to this list, please contact us here.

Black Work Broadway was made possible through the combined efforts of Gregory Ng Yong He, Raffaella Donatitch, Julianna R. Simms, Amauta M. Firmino, Michael Breslin, and Jeremy O. Harris.

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