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Elsie (1923)

Alma M. Sanders (Music)

Eubie Blake (Music)

Monte Carlo (Lyrics)
Noble Sissle (Lyrics)

2 April – 5 May, 1923

The script is based on Charles W. Bell's 1918 play A Dislocated Honeymoon. The story concerns an ex-showgirl who elopes with a society boy, but his family tries to break up the marriage. The Gershwins wrote ten songs for the musical, eight of which were used in the production, which premiered in Atlantic City, New Jersey on March 21, 1921. The book was revised and retitled Elsie and, later, entirely new music was written for it by Eubie Blake and others. This version was produced on Broadway in April 1923. Even though Elsie ran for only 40 performances, it made history as a rare early example of black songwriters writing for white performers.

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