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Land (1908)

Production still from Bandanna Land, 1908

Jesse A. Shipp (Book, Lyrics)
Alex Rogers
(Book, Lyrics)
Will Marion Cook

3 February – 18 April, 1908

            The third and final Williams and Walker production on Broadway, about a real estate scam by Black people to move into a white neighbourhood and cause such a disturbance that their neighbours buy back their homes at twice the price. Skunkton Bowser, a performer who does one-night-stands with a minstrel show, inherits $25,000 as a bequest from his father's former owner. His educated friend, Bud Jenkins, appoints himself as guardian of Bowser and creates a park for African Americans called "Bandanna Land." Jenkins assists in selling the park to a railroad company that does not like the presence of the African Americans. Despite Jenkins, Bowser is determined to receive his fair share of the profits of the sale.

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